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There is a ton of knowledge available for traders and investors in social media and other online resources. But lack of understanding of the core concepts is one of the problems faced by many traders and investors. The other issue faced by traders is the scarcity of resources to learn concepts in a structured manner.

We at Definedge, have spent several years in research, analysis and practice of the various tools and techniques related to market analysis and trading. This portal is our attempt to share the knowledge on various subjects in a structured way. It will help you to take better decisions and serve as a reference guide.

Every module in the Shelf is a book which explains the subject right from the basics. We will keep adding topics in these books and keep you updated in the new topics tab. Some books could be incomplete but the posts will keep getting added. There will be more writeups based on your suggestions and the feedback in the comments section.

New modules will be introduced based on our research and your feedback. It’s an ever-evolving platform that is built with the only intention of sharing the knowledge and help you take well-informed decisions as an independent trader and investor.

Happy Reading.
Definedge Shelf Team

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