About the book

About the book

I have been practicing price action and multiple charting methods. I realised how price action becomes so interesting by using various charting methods and their unique properties. Price is same but their presentation is different on various charts and that becomes interesting from practical trading perspective. I wanted to write about this method in detail and right from beginning.

I am starting the discussion right from the basics of technical analysis so new traders will also be able to learn it. Even the experienced traders will get opportunity to quickly revisit the basics. I will discuss the things in various parts. The first part covers the basics of technical analysis and properties of the line, bar, candlestick, P&F and Renko charting properties. This is a most essential part and often overlooked. I am sure focusing on the concept discussed will give many ideas from trading perspective. That has been my motive behind writing and I have followed that approach in all my books. If reader gets idea and learns designing his own methods from the knowledge shared, he will be able to follow it over a period with conviction and discipline.

Once you get the hold of the concepts discussed in first part of this book, we will take the discussion further in next parts.

I assume you have not read any of the books on charting methods available on Shelf. Hence, the basics of technical analysis and all charting methods are explained in the book to set the context.

Objective of the part 1

  • To-the-point discussion on the technical analysis right from the basics for the beginners
  • Discussing important points related to some topics in technical analysis
  • Discussing different charting methods and their important properties
  • Discussing why charting methods are important for price action trading
  • Discussing unique method of multi-charting setups

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