When I completed my third book last year, I decided that I wouldn’t write another book anytime soon. It takes a lot to write a book and I was also involved in multiple projects. So it was extremely difficult to manage multiple tasks.

But I have the habit of writing notes to myself that have ended up being books that I have authored. Apart from observations related trading strategies, I also used to jot notes on psychological aspects. I have touched upon these aspects in my earlier books. Typically, majority of readers find these discussions not very interesting although they are an essential part of being successful in trading and investing.

I have also been teaching the basics of stock market trading to my 9-year-old kid to improve my teaching skills and have some fun conversation with him. He has asked a few basic but very interesting questions on trading that I could not explain. That made me think of writing in detail about those aspects.

This book is my interpretation of Bhagwat Gita from trading and investment perspective. I remember writing a blog about teachings of Bhagwat Gita and its relevance to our trading behavior in 2009. But the post did not grab the attention that it deserved. Social media was relatively new then and most traders were more interested in trading strategies rather than these topics.

I never knew those behavioral aspects related notes that I was writing for myself will end up as my fourth book. That way, this book has been a work-in-progress and has been in the making for several years. This book took a lot more effort than I imagined. I was also parallelly working on a very important project for Definedge securities which another challenge while writing this book. But I would consider all efforts of writing this book worthwhile if you have even a single takeaway from it.

The book is in a conversation format. It’s structured as a conversation with my younger self. So, there are two characters in this book: ‘Me’ and ‘You’. Me, is my younger version. He represents the young traders having basic knowledge of trading but are not yet successful. I have tried to include the topics that a trader would be grappling with while in the struggling phase of trading. I also imagined and included the questions that my son and today’s youth might have in their mind. The second character is ‘You’. He is more experienced version of myself who is sharing the knowledge.

I have tried to cover all aspects that I would want to share with my son when he starts trading.

I have not taken stock names while citing examples because people tend to focus on examples. Unlike in my earlier books, you will find that some concepts and questions are repetitive. It’s a deliberate attempt to stress ad drive home some important concepts and to showcase these concepts in multiple dimensions.

The book may be treated as a discussion between an amateur and a professional trader at a coffee shop. It begins with a series of questions by a young trader when he meets an experienced counterpart. I recommend reading this book slowly and ponder over the concepts discussed in each chapter. I have explained everything that I think a trader should be aware of.

So, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get involved in this interesting conversation.

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